Life Healing is the lighthouse to keep you beaming towards your life goals and self-discovery. From my own experiences it can support you with kindness & courage to embrace changes with more ease.  As a wife and mother of teenagers, my passion is to assist others by sharing how to bring more simplicity into relationships and everyday life.  

Maybe it’s improving and maintaining work-life balance, releasing pain, regaining self-esteem, reviewing personal and professional goals, or restoring greater harmony within relationships?  In a confidential and non-judgmental space these are some of the areas we can explore. 

If you are seeking to love change, Life Healing is a wonderful component to creating new hope & consistency of any kind.  One of my greatest joys will be to walk alongside you, together discovering your greatest challenges - whilst inspiring new possibilities and steps towards the fulfilment of your own heart desires...  


You may also choose to combine Bowen Therapy with Life Healing in the same Clinic appointment. 

There is an inter-connection which comes from the links in our consciousness between the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual bodies.  Our movement facilitated through the Fascial planes of soft connective tissue may also store chronic restrictions & ongoing pain patterns.  Healing can therefore unfold from more clarity and acknowledgement of any presenting thoughts, feelings & emotions which could be underlying the cause of physical symptoms.    


Read about the dynamic modality of Bowen Therapy - TMJ and the Fascia.



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Loving change




Loving Change


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