The Value of Investing in a Mentor 

How do you make real your new vision or create some potential possibility from training that you have embarked on?  Here’s where investing in a Mentor helps to keep you on track and accountable with your inspiration, so that you have the best chance of following it through into creation and beyond.

When I first played with the idea of commencing my Bowen Therapy training I didn’t have the funds saved to even get started.  I had a small income from some part-time work.  We sold a few items in the garage and as a family we gave up trips and extra luxuries so that I could follow my new choice.  I am grateful to my partner for providing the main income and possibility for me to make it happen. 

During this time I was also paying for weekly sessions with my Mentor.  There were times when I did wonder “what am I doing?!”  However I had a deep underlying trust that this would pay off.  Knowing too that My Mentor also pays for her own Mentor and I could really see the benefits.  If I didn’t give this the best shot, then what?  I’d done other jobs which didn’t fulfil a deeper passion and I was understanding that following my inner guidance or spirit was the key to a joyful life.

However with each lot of training I complete it is my tendency to get a bit excited about another course or opportunity.  It’s a way of avoiding what really needs doing.  My Mentor always firmly & lovingly says to me “Hang on a minute Jen, have you made real and grounded what you know and what you’ve just learnt?”  Oh dear, so I stop for a moment and see if I’ve got a better answer to get myself out of this predicament.  In humble defeat and looking at the truth, it is then that I say “ok thanks I see what you mean”.  We then work out a plan and I move through any stumbling blocks along the way.

It’s easy to keep on doing course after course, limiting energy & time better needed for creating.  Or perhaps even not valuing the skills or Ones-self to move into being seen in the world.  This can be a big topic which can take some consistency with a skilled Mentor, who may assist you to discover new levels of self-esteem.  Even after starting a new venture, continued reviewing is essential to both personal & business growth.

I’ve seen many get stuck in this process of change and it’s game-changing to do it differently and be supported.  I love helping others see that their lives even if challenging financially, or physically can be turned around. Abundance is in every moment.  When unravelling outdated, limiting beliefs one can create a package of skills into manifesting and getting something new off the ground.  Some need a bit more guidance than others in unpacking their attributes.  A Mentor can assist to uncover these and help to create a vision of steps and focus, at the same time unleashing the confidence to help get you there. 

Whether it be in business, health, family relationships, fitness or life harmony, struggles can be overcome with valuing and prioritising a Mentor in your goals and budget.  Along the way I’ve met some wonderful Mentors each doing a fantastic job in their craft.  I am forever grateful to my Mentors who have helped me get to now, so that I may have the privilege of Inspiring YOU!




 In Health and Wellbeing, Jen Taylor, Bowen Therapist/Lifestyle Coach & Mentor




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