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With differences in genetic structure and abilities some people are able to work their body more like a machine, whilst others find this task less favourable. Injury, over-work, modern day use of electronic devices and a busy lifestyle can take its toll on the body. Every day is a new chance to choose the things which could be beneficial in your overall feelings of wellness and movement.

Creating a consistent plan to Health and Wellbeing is a pro-active way to keep the body in tip top shape. With consistency we can keep an awareness flowing whereby we are more likely to make wiser choices. Paying attention to reviewing and making adjustments when necessary assists our overall function. Bowen Therapy can be a wonderful modality for restoring and balancing the body.

The Bowen Therapist facilitates the gentle stretch and release moves, allowing your body to reset and heal itself. This treatment restores energy and movement to the Fascia, which is the largest organ in the body. Fascia envelopes and helps to hydrate all of the organs, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. With the Fascia playing this very important role, Bowen becomes magical in creating this very restorative process. Releasing adhesion and blocked energy, your body can return to a more natural state of wellbeing and easier movement.

Along with a plan including gentle stretching exercises and perhaps Yoga or Pilates to strengthen and support, one will often find an increased strength and range of movement. Those that have made bodywork and self-awareness with helpful choices a priority, are usually pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Bowen is a soft-tissue treatment usually performed through light clothing.  It is safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly.  

Love the Magic of Bowen Therapy!

In Health and Wellbeing, Jen Taylor Bowen Therapist, Life Coach/Mentor & Facilitator