Every day is a new chance to choose the things which could be beneficial in your overall feelings of Wellness. Creating a Consistent plan to Health and Wellbeing is a pro-active way to keep the physical, emotional, mental and spirutual aspects of us in harmony. 


With Consistency we can keep an awareness flowing, whereby we are more likely to make wiser choices.  Paying attention to reviewing and making adjustments if necessary assists the direction.  When we tap into our inner knowing or guidance we get to follow our own true compass.  It is this spark which bypasses indecision and leads to the enthusiasm to pursue something with passion. 

If something seems to be working well for you keep going with it.  Plug into the tempo of Consistency which creates the momentum to seeing something to completion.  Sometimes there is need for more gentleness with Self to do the work and other times a bit more Loving Determination can be required.  There may be feelings to work through which create resistance. However riding this wave provides a feeling of overall nurturance.  

When you feel this way of nurturance, it also assists you to give from a vessel filled with nourishment as opposed to running depleted and starving for fuel.  Ease and life force (or Chi) can flow through all of the bodies.  The Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.  This shines the way to possibility of new choices & discoveries.  A more fulfilling lifestyle which becomes a life lived in more Joy. 

Where there becomes energy to serve yourself, there becomes a Contentment not filled with consumerism.  Health and Wellbeing is our priority.  Our car wouldn’t run without fuel and so too our bodies end up depleted without consistent attention and review of our choices.

If you would love to discover how to create positive change and fulfilment in your life, I would love to assist you in moving through life hurdles and to find that passion to Run With Your Heart. 




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