What is the real feeling experienced when one is listening to the voice of their heart and following steps that may not make sense to the mind?  My journey with this has been an unfolding of developing much trust of myself and those who unshakeably have dedicated their time to inspiring me during the past 9 years. 

This story started when we made the decision to cross the Tasman to move from Christchurch to Perth.  Unknown to us there was always something more underlying the plan to enjoy a more temperate climate for my aching body.  Of course work was a factor for my husband in his aim to support our family.  Little did we know my new work would become as much as a priority in our life as his.

The phone-call I made 6 weeks after arriving in Perth to a Healer whom is now my Mentor has indeed been life-changing.  We could not have known in our minds how our new move would play out.  Each step toward positive change & growth has been about quietening my mind and allowing the heart to be the captain.  Of course the mind has loved to kick in and kick up, making all sorts of reasons to pull on the hand-brake and avoid some of the realities of change.  I’ve found also that this way of travelling with the handbrake half or full on isn’t that great for the body!  It can create much tension, pain and distress.  To surrender and allow it to release is a much gentler choice.  Trusting Ones’ heart is the key.

What does this mean?  Well, firstly taking a step back for a moment or more, to check in with your inner voice.  Doing this may not look to be anything that glamorous or alluring, it may not be following the crowd or seeking to find any pleasure.  It doesn’t look like the next get rich quick business or keeping up with egos.  It has felt risky and lonely at times to stand in the change, so has taken some courage & self-determination.  Being a Leo is supposed to grace me with some of these qualities perhaps, however I can assure you it hasn’t always felt this way! Moments of truly following my heart most often are not what the mind would say for me to do and making the new steps has sometimes created some anguish and fears to move through.  I’ve learnt some wonderful skills though to assist me in moving through these fears, and also found the best strategy is to keep applying consistent, small positive steps.  Keep on keeping on they say.

There’s more often now a chuckle of delight and a feeling of liberation as wondrous opportunities unfold. This feeling is best described as a deep exquisite feeling into the depths of my heart, where it feels expanded, nourished, joyful and content.  It is this because it encompasses all of my Spirit, the real essence of who I am and what my life purpose or calling is.

And so it seems my story is still just beginning… living in more flow and synchronicity, taking off the rose tinted glasses to glimpse into the real world of thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams.  Learning to be at One in more acceptance with self.  Where the heart chooses to be both gentle and powerfully loving as my wise leader.

Love to learn more about discovering how you can begin to experience your unique potential and a joyful life…

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