Who would you want to be remembered as, at the end of your life?

What is your life purpose, what will you choose & what may be the benefits?

Where would you love to make a difference or contribution?

When could you allow yourself to follow your inner knowing and create more space to shine?

There will be many people, places, things which can seem insignificant but may also be alluring and oh so ready to jump in and take you off your path of wiser knowing.  There are many little ways these events can take you away from what may make your heart alight with joy.

Some situations of being taken off your path could look like this…

One could be an amazing job offer which looks great on paper with the salary you would love.  However take a look a bit further into the details and the values.  Does this offer really align to what you would love to be doing in your life & feel fulfilling to your inner self?  Instead you may be required to meet constant deadlines and let go of caring for yourself where could be needed.

Does it have an aspect which includes love to yourself and the planet?  This may mean simply taking care of your body more, or it may be that you would love to include some kind of service component to your work or hobby.

Another example could be where you may have chosen every week that no matter what, you will head to the pub for a drink.  Instead now your body is preferring a walk with the dog and a dinner choice, which is all more nourishing and energising.  However your friends are hoping that you’ll be with them and you feel torn as your heart is saying that it’s not what you really feel to do in this moment.  There’s a possibility that something more fulfilling is calling you, perhaps a feeling or a quiet whisper to experience something differently.  What will you feel to listen to and choose?

Or there may be something you love to do in your break time - going out and sitting under a tree.  Then just when you head outside, your peers at work or college feel to join you to chat or gossip and your alone time seems like it’s just gone out the window.  Have you pondered the idea that it could be they would also love to sit under the tree and have some stillness?

You could explain that it’s not necessarily a chat time that you’re looking for, however a time where you love to sit and have some relaxation & quietness to re-charge.  Who knows it could be just what they are looking for too!  Instead of feeling frustrated, you could offer to share the invite and see if that’s what they may like to do?  Of course you will need to let go of any attachment to how it may turn out as they could choose to leave or stay.

It can take some courage to speak up and kindly explain your preference.  There will also be a trust required that things will be ok and something may work out, when you choose the new change.  From my own experiences the results can be very freeing & profound.

There is so much abundance in following your true inner knowing and believing in yourself.  The key is staying in that initial spark & essence of awareness and basing your actions in consistent steps from that.

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Jen Taylor - Loving Change

Meditation Facilitator, Bowen Therapist & Life Coach

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