How often has it been that when embarking on an important task or nearing the end of its completion, you create distracting, destructive patterns and behaviour?  Maybe reaching a plateau of non-action, which can feel disheartening or where the mountain looks too steep...

Perhaps it is that you feel unable to see your way clear to finding a satisfactory resolution in a personal matter or relationship? It can be tempting to drop those tools or people which are ultimately most helpful. Which is indeed when most courage & consistency to keep on taking the small steps, is called for.

Life is full of decision making and things to manage. Often having somebody to hold a kind space of reflection, where you may voice your deepest concerns is most valuable in creating some space. This can be a very exciting option to that of giving up, or going around in circles. The gift of reflecting is a most loving choice in discovering how to even take a step, another turn, or to find other unknown possibilities.

My personal experiences of Life Coaching & Mentoring from the heart towards Self Mastery, is always so liberating! It has helped develop consistency to personal growth, managing life and creating a rewarding business. Where with much joy this learning is offered to others, in how your heart can alight with true inner passion and spirit.

In gratitude, Jen Taylor

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