Trigger Points & Smart Bowen Therapy

One of the elements which distinguishes Smart Bowen is that it takes the requirements of the standard Bowen sequences and performs them close to or directly over significant Acupuncture points and Energy meridians.  

Trigger points are exquisite points of pain which have become activated throughout the Fascia (connective soft tissue).  Smart Bowen treatment can de-activate these myofascial trigger points.  Read my article on The Important Role of Fascia

Trigger points can be quite debilitating and also send referred pain patterns to other areas of the body.  Facilitating the Bowen move over these points, stimulates them creating a profound reduction & settling of pain throughout the entire body.

Along with PNF stretching, the combination is instrumental in increasing the healing of your symptoms thus enhancing performance and mobility.  With paying attention to hydration of the body, quietening the mind and eating sustaining foods a client may expect to take new steps in their overall enjoyment of life.




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