Group Workplace Sessions 

This Inititiave is aimed to assist Businesses promote Wellbeing for their Staff, by creating enjoyable relaxation which fits into your schedule & day. 



Is fast becoming realised as an effective tool towards reducing stress, the days taken off work and increasing productivity & harmony in the workplace.  Some Doctors are now recommending its benefits towards disease prevention and creating wellness.  From working in the Corporate Sector & being a busy Mother, I understand the expectations of achieving targets and deadlines in this modern world.  Meditation doesn't have to look a certain way, like having a still mind, which can feel too much of a stretch.  We like to offer a space which enables people to feel comfortable, to give it a try and experience some of the many benefits. 


Bowen Therapy with Meditation:

A simple, relaxing, rejuvenating in chair experience of Bowen Therapy on the upper back, neck and shoulders combined with simple mindfulness session, to help create more ease & focus.  


Energetic Hygiene: 

Is about Self-care which works by offering practical tools that applied consistently, creates awareness on the polluted energy we pick up from others and the environments we work and live in. With practice comes the benefit to notice and know how to choose something different. You learn how to have effective boundaries, to clear your energy field, to feel calmer, confident, with the ability to respond more effectively.  In caring for yourself, clients, and those in your sphere of influence.


Benefits of Preventative & Pro-active Workplace Well-being:

- Treatment is on-site reaching maximum participants

- Simple to include into lunch breaks or staff development days

- Staff feeling refreshed and alert

- High participation because it feels great & boosts relationships between employees & employer

Reduction in absenteeism, increased productivity, and staff loyalty, is the best investment


                                                             "We look forward to assisting your Staff and Business".  















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