"Training our Mind is just as important as training our Bodies" - Sir Richard Branson


Meditation & Mindfulness is fast becoming realised as an effective tool towards reducing stress and increasing productivity in the workplace.  Some Doctors are now recommending its benefits towards disease prevention and creating wellness.  From working in the Corporate Sector & being a busy Mother, I understand the expectations placed on individuals to achieve targets and deadlines in this modern world.  

Meditation may be a simple and effective tool to help create more ease in life.  It doesn't have to look or be a certain way, like having a still mind, which can sometimes feel too much of a stretch.  I like to offer a space which enables people to feel comfortable to give it a try and experience some benefits. 

Group Workplace Sessions assist Companies and Businesses promote Wellbeing for their Staff. The key to implementing Meditation in your life is creating short and enjoyable relaxation which fits into your schedule & day.  "I look forward to assisting both your Staff and your Business by facilitating simple guided Meditations".   Jen


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