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Experience the many wonderful benefits of Meditation, Bowen Therapy or Energetic Hygiene in your workplace.

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Heal injury, stress, or pain with the gentle but dynamic duo of Bowen Therapy & Life Coaching. Baby Bowen Complimentary!

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Discover the joy of clearing negativity & stress in your sphere. Classes, Workshops, or individual sessions available.


Jen Beach small 

From meeting an inspiring Bowen Therapist/Mentor soon after moving to Perth, it amazed me how this dynamic soft tissue therapy helped release constant pain & stress in my body.  With both the challenges and wonders of being a parent, returning to the working roles that I had known, felt somewhat unfulfilling of deeper purpose.  Regular Life Coaching helped to gather more insight and clarity into how to combine these previous skills, along with other interests.

Amazed by the changes these modalities brought to my wellbeing, without old limitations the gateways opened to exploring what line of work I may consider.  Our family was also enjoying the uplifting changes of Bowen and this all led me in taking the steps to qualify as a Bowen Therapist. Afterwards, training to combine the modalities of Life Coaching and Meditation Facilitation.

There have been moments to embrace which certainly presented quite a stretch in learning. However the consistent work and support received in how to create a professional business with life balance, makes it really worth the journey. I am delighted to assist you, to shine the light into new possibilities towards the healing & transformation of your own unique Inner Spirit. 

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Bowen Therapy - Life Coaching - Self Mastery & Meditation classes - Energetic Hygiene Workshops for Practitioners & Teachers.  


With gratitude, Jen


ITwo of my favourite quotes by Jim Rohn

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change"

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Loving change



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