Hi I'm Jen.  I love observing the changes felt by our best friends, amazed how wonderfully Bowen helps our family dog and cats.  On one occasion our Cavoodle went from running on the beach to being unable to move a step.  I found the painful strained spots to be in his right front shoulder and mid back.  After doing some Bowen moves, I observed him for the remainder of the day still resting and laying low.  The next morning he stood and put pressure on his leg and took a few steps, mindful to not overwork him with a walk this day, allowing the treatment to do its adjustment. The following day he was up and about playing outside but rested him again as he was cautious about jumping.  For the next two days the walks were of shorter duration, as the treatment is allowing the body to facilitate change for up to a week so it is helpful to be gentle, allowing this process.

For rescue cats we find the treatment really helps with anxiety from change in environments. 

Bowen can be a complimentary healthplan option worth trying and trusting, as animals are prone to ailments like soft-tissue injury and pain, anxiety, depression and even difficulty chewing.  They can also be masterful at pleasing us, sometimes taking on the emotions and pain of their owners.  If this topic interests you, I can also share the benefits of energetic hygiene.


A kind review from a happy family:

Highly recommended Jen for BOWEN FOR PETS .
Jen helped my dog with her limping and saved her the trauma of an operation … plus a saving of over $10,000 .
3 sessions and my beautiful dog was running around like a puppy.
Can’t recommend Jen and her Bowen for Pets enough.  S. Clewley
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

It was during my Holistic Counselling training that it became more apparent to me of the deep connection to the roles of our pets, their loyal companionship and service, of providing wellbeing to mental health.  I also recalled the pets I had loved and lost, which I was able to process into finding meaning, healing and deeper understanding toward their life and passing. 

Our pets provide such unconditional love and a warm welcome to our day, seeming to bring comfort and this loyalty brings such deep friendship and joy.  We tend to their needs each day, delight in their quirky personalities, and their love in return is plentiful.  It is understandable then why illness or loss of our beloved friend, can be so painful and filled with waves of grief phases.

If illness or the loss of a loved companion is feeling deeply difficult and confusing, I will be glad to support you and your family.  With gratitude for the privilege.

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