Bowen for People & Pets

Heal injury, pain & stress with the gentle but profound soft-tissue therapy treatment of Bowen Therapy. It's a calming tune up for body, mind and soul. Safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and Bowen even helps care for our beloved pets too.

Holistic Counselling

Our relationships with both ourself or others can go through times of growth, challenge, grief, and also joyful phases. Jen welcomes you in confidentiality and non-judgment. If you need someone to listen to any of your life changes, your inspiration or loss, she provides genuine compassionate care in a lovely healing space.


Meditation can be an effective tool for our Self-care. In the Workplace it helps reduce stress levels and the days taken off work, plus enhances productivity. Enjoy some simple guided mindfulness... the time to rest, while restoring your focus and vitality.



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