Energetic Boundaries are about choosing what energy is transmitted and received in our four- body system – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They are defined by what we allow to affect us and influence our behaviour. The choices we make about love and fear, about being worthy or not worthy, in each and every moment will affect our energetic boundaries. We can become aware of what is not serving our life path and wellbeing, by listening to the subtle or louder internal messages. To learn not to take on another person’s negative feelings, thoughts and emotions, or project ours out into the world.

The most common mistake that is made, is when we set boundaries depending on how we are feeling in the moment. If we have a day of feeling really good and open, and keep our boundaries open, and meet someone who is having a bad hair day, we will automatically take on that energy. Energetic Boundaries need to be based on how other people are in each and every encounter and not just on what we may remember as a history book of past encounters.

When we have an understanding of where we might we become disempowered, drained by giving away too much of our precious energy, or letting others have an influence on our choices, we realise the importance of Energetic Boundaries. Receiving and transmitting frequencies of fear or unconditional love and above, is entirely our choice. Maintaining strong Energetic Boundaries means that we only accept frequencies of unconditional love and above into our four-body system. It also means that our own negativity won’t be projected out, as nobody deserves to have all our bad hair day stuff dumped on them either.

Boundaries can become inappropriate if we have low self-worth, if we are attached to people, events, situations or things, or if we have a fear of things such as change or failure.  We have to be present and aware of what is transpiring in our environment, be honest about what is really happening and to let go of thinking and worrying about other people. If we are not present in the moment (i.e. we are spacing off or head tripping), it is impossible to choose how we are going to exercise our boundaries. If our choice is not strong and/or we are not good at saying ‘no’ we set boundaries that are easily compromised.

If someone has a strong will and tries to create a reality for us that we don’t put enough energy to counter or neutralize, then we get caught up in that reality even if we aren’t interested in it. A strong will can splice into our energy matrix through cords/energetic connections and interface with the aspect of our nervous system, that normally receives impulses from our own will centres. Therefore, it is our responsibility to maintain appropriate boundaries, it’s not ok to say someone else forced us to believe or receive something. If someone blasts us with a polluted stream of energy (e.g. lays a guilt trip on us so they can control us), when it hits us, our chest often constricts. It happens because somehow we decided that we were going to receive this transmission or projection, usually from our lack of awareness and/or low self-esteem.

The great news is that we can choose our own reality, by taking a step back out of some of the external noise of a busy life. Learning to listen to our heart, trust the deep inner guidance of intuition. To discern how trustworthy other people, a situation, or group, or an organization is. By determining how loving they are and how much fear is motivating them.

Then we can hold sight of our personal aspirations and not be trampled by the masses or influenced by others who seem to be moving in an opposite direction. We can be confident, and set strong energetic boundaries to love more freely.
Wake up from mediocrity and claim the gift to be who you want to be in your life. Gain the confidence to live fearlessly, and love openly.


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Written by Jen Taylor - Bowen Therapist, Personal Transformation Mentor and Facilitator Based on the teachings of Michael King, Cosmosis Mentoring Centre

Have you ever come away from a conversation or interaction feeling drained and exhausted, yet other conversations seem to uplift you, where you may feel to have more of a spring in your step?  Or do you ever feel torn between the head and the heart, struggling to make a choice, where one part of you wants one thing, while another part wants something else?  You might be a bit scattered energetically, making it difficult to be really clear on which way to go.  

Why is this?  It’s all to do with what energy you are letting into your system and who or what you are allowing to drain your energy system. We can take on our own and others negativity, patterns and projections, so unless we are regularly practicing clearing and protecting ourselves, these energetic cords, will be carried with us. Letting go of the cords and attachments doesn’t mean you don’t care, it is because you do care that you do it.

From working in the corporate sector as well as being a parent and partner, I understand the demands of managing daily requirements, and achieving targets in this modern world.  Training as a Bowen Therapist, Meditation Facilitator and Personal Transformation Mentor has been an instrumental part in my healing of Fibromyalgia symptoms.  In also discovering more of my life purpose, I now experience the joy of assisting others to explore the benefits of these modalities in their own healing journey. 

Meditation is fast becoming realised as an effective tool towards reducing stress, fear and anxiety.  Studies have shown decreases in brain cell volume in the Amygdala, responsible for these functions.  In the work-place it is attributed to less absenteeism, increased productivity, plus staff loyalty and harmony.  Some Doctors are now recommending Meditation towards disease prevention and creating wellness.  

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