From working in the corporate sector as well as being a parent and partner, I understand the demands of managing daily requirements, and achieving targets in this modern world.  Training as a Bowen Therapist, Meditation Facilitator and Personal Transformation Mentor has been an instrumental part in my healing of Fibromyalgia symptoms.  In also discovering more of my life purpose, I now experience the joy of assisting others to explore the benefits of these modalities in their own healing journey. 

Meditation is fast becoming realised as an effective tool towards reducing stress, fear and anxiety.  Studies have shown decreases in brain cell volume in the Amygdala, responsible for these functions.  In the work-place it is attributed to less absenteeism, increased productivity, plus staff loyalty and harmony.  Some Doctors are now recommending Meditation towards disease prevention and creating wellness.  

It doesn't have to look a certain way either, like having a completely still mind or sitting cross-legged, which could feel too much of a stretch.  I remember feeling relieved by this understanding, as some days the mind can be more over-active or the body restricted in movement.  Approaching your practice with kindness and listening to the body can be a loving approach.  Feeling any initial challenges of creating the time to be more still and then reminding self of the benefits.  Having a nurturing space in part of your home, or a lovely spot amongst nature is ideal to set the scene and create a calming experience.  Focusing on a simple breathing technique is a popular way to begin and a great tool for slowing the mind.  As can a guided body scan relaxation, to help calm the nervous system and bring feelings of gratitude.  

One of the amazing things is that the initial pressure of time, can actually reduce by altering the brain rhythms, just from taking the time to practice.  The body and mind start to settle and surrender to that fact that it is actually ok to take the time.  This feeling of releasing expectation brings an inner peace, which in turn can improve concentration, productivity, creativity and an overall sense of feeling more refreshed.  Creating some consistency of Meditation at a regular time if possible, is a pro-active way to assist our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and restoration.  As we bring this care to our body, it can also have quite a profound effect of rippling out into the environment around us. 

We may also bring Mindfulness to the many tasks in our day, being aware of choices and responses.  This can be seen as another type of Meditation, as we walk through life.  Every day is a new opportunity to choose learning to be more present, and in tune with our innate inner wisdom, that is beautifully unique to each of us.

I hope this inspires you to give Meditation a try, or to encourage a new perspective. 


Written by Jen Taylor - Bowen Therapist, Personal Transformation Mentor and Facilitator

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