The outcome of a Holistic Counselling session is to help a client overcome or work through a present conflict caused by a past or re-occurring event.  To become more aware of how to best care for themselves during difficult phases of emotional stress, change, loss or grief.  Empathy, compassion and trust belong to the intimate counselling relationship, that remains private and confidential.  The counsellor will also ask questions to encourage clients in expressing their thoughts, emotions and feelings.  After discovering reasons for certain reactions or conflicts, the counsellor may help the clients evaluate certain behaviours, to eventually enable clients to make their own choices and decisions to action.  Therefore, the client discovers their own inner resources and insights into the situation.  It could be simply finding a new acceptance, from bringing the situation to the table.  It may also be discovering some ways to try communicating new self-loving boundaries.  The journey is the client’s, made at the pace that suits and deeply nurtures the client, without any expectation. 

The lovely thing about Holistic Counselling, is it can be such a transformative healing experience, when unresolved pain, problems and feelings are heard in a warm, genuine space.  For many people having a space, a time just for self, if used to giving to others in their lives, can feel new or even a bit daunting.  For some, entering counselling may be the first time to put themselves first and allow the care that they give to others.  Since every individual is unique in his/her personality and circumstances, as well as having unique values, belief systems and behaviours, so is every Therapist/Client relationship different in itself.  While listening attentively, the counsellor holds the client in a space of non-judgment, for the client who sets the agenda.  The counsellor in this role, is active and creative, responding to the immediate issues brought by the client, to trust the client’s process and create a held sacred space, for the personal unfoldment of each of their clients.  

In Holistic Counselling the emphasis is on encompassing dealing with the whole person, and assisting an inner balance of all the dimensions of Self.  It focuses on the client’s individual experiences and reality, towards an integration of the soul, heart and mind.  There is a train of understanding that human beings are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfilment; even given the most challenging of circumstances and pain.  Ultimately, it recognises the inter-connectedness of all things, and that each person in his or her intrinsic spiritual nature, is an amazing being, in and of themselves.  Holistic Counselling helps many individuals realise their own strengths and abilities.  It focuses on healing, and empowering the individual to reach their potential for a more happy and fulfilling life.