Have you ever come away from a conversation or interaction feeling drained and exhausted, yet other conversations seem to uplift you, where you may feel to have more of a spring in your step?  Or do you ever feel torn between the head and the heart, struggling to make a choice, where one part of you wants one thing, while another part wants something else?  You might be a bit scattered energetically, making it difficult to be really clear on which way to go.  

Why is this?  It’s all to do with what energy you are letting into your system and who or what you are allowing to drain your energy system. We can take on our own and others negativity, patterns and projections, so unless we are regularly practicing clearing and protecting ourselves, these energetic cords, will be carried with us. Letting go of the cords and attachments doesn’t mean you don’t care, it is because you do care that you do it.

Energetic Cords happen in an instant and can attach with as little as a thought!  They can come from you or attach to you, inbound or outbound, or run both ways.  Examples could be of feeling particularly tired from visiting a shopping centre, getting pulled into somebody else’s drama moment, working in a demanding environment, or taking on pain and ailments from a client.  In the busyness of daily life, it’s easy to get bumped around by the needs of others, or even our own (like feeling hungry, tired, cranky, overwhelmed).  We have learnt to give and give, until we have nothing but resentment left, believing it to be what love and care is. 

This is where practicing Energetic Integrity helps with awareness of these impacts, of where your energy is going and how to communicate more effectively.  It can also assist to remain in an appropriate state of inner calm, regardless of what’s going on around you.  In compassion and understanding, conscious of the choices available to you.  Choosing how to respond from a space of kindness and gratitude rather than reacting.

Energetic Hygiene is a simple set of practices done each morning and evening, in some quiet space for yourself, just as you would shower, or brush your teeth.  In my own personal experience, setting aside time to offer this respect and restoration, continues to be one of the most important transformational practices in my life.  Integral in the care of self, clients, business, workplace, and those in your sphere of influence.


Written by Jen Taylor - Bowen Therapist, Personal Transformation Mentor and Facilitator

Based on the teachings and the copyright of: Belinda Baillee, Global Coaching Academy and Michael King, Cosmosis Mentoring Centre

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