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img 1412 1Welcome to the Loving Change portal with our Vision holding hope for Wellbeing and positive Planetary change.  Where you may find new awareness - learning to appreciate more Simplicity & Inner Peace. 

Jen brings to her work a passion of Health & Healing with a Diploma in Bowen Therapy, Diploma of Mentoring & Life Coaching, and Meditation Facilitation. You are invited to take a moment to read her journey and discover how you may be supported in bringing Joy to Your Life... 


"Training our Mind is just as Important as Training our Bodies"               - Sir Richard Branson.




My early working life was spent working in varied secretarial roles in high stress corporate companies.  Meeting demands and deadlines of others, feeling unfulfilled & un-nourished in my work.  With an inability to discern and set clear boundaries, my health suffered; until one day my body just couldn’t work anymore, bound with fatigue and pain.   After quite a long period of rest and various treatments I eventually recovered enough to raise two beautiful children partnered with my husband.  Loving the privilege of parenthood there was though a deep yearning that I could also do something else to give back to society. 

Along with being a mother I had from time to time managed some part-time roles and one I most enjoyed was with two delightful sisters in the start-up of their clothing boutique. They showed me what passion and commitment to being your own best ambassador in a small business looked like.  I realised I too had attributes from my experiences which I could bring to something, however in my searching just hadn’t found the right business to create for myself. 

As a child I loved the connection of the ocean and the warmth of the sun’s golden rays, with a sense of feeling there was more to this life than it all looked and there was a healing force in the nature all around us.  There was some fulfilment caring for others in a weekend job as a nurse-aide whilst a teenager, plus I also enjoyed tinkering with herbal lotions & potions and did some short studies in natural health.

With a decision to move to Perth to enjoy some sunshine and warmth and for my husband to follow his passion of driving trains, we packed up the children, leaving our hometown to embark on a new adventure.  I was quickly united with a Bowen Therapist/Life Coach whom understood my inner battle, and I committed to Bowen Bodywork & Mentoring sessions with her.  The changes and improvements to my health and wellbeing which transpired from these therapies were a most pleasant surprise.

I then chose to train in the Bowen modality & upon graduating with a Diploma, set up practice at a local Holistic Health Clinic.  Here was the landing of my new career & lifestyle!  Learning wasn’t to end here though and it has progressed to include a Diploma in Mentoring/Life Coaching & also Meditation Facilitation.  How blessed has our family been to find such a generous hearts who have shared wisdom along the way on how to unleash my passion. The learning has felt stretching at times however the outcome extremely rewarding & fun, working beautifully as it can around family commitments. 

Along the way I've discovered that a rich & joyful life also encompasses healing of thoughts, feelings and emotions.   Where mind, body & spirit are all honoured to move in more Oneness with Self.  Following this allows possibility for being the captain of your own ship amongst life's challenges.  To trust & navigate from an inner compass and knowing.

Together in the one heart,

Loving change

Loving Change


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